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pattern updates

most recent update: 1.18.13

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echo shrug (pg. 2 in softcover book)   

    1. Correction to the following row:

        Row 34: K4, k2tog, k3, m1L, k1, *m1L, k3, k3tog, k3, m1L, k1; rep from * to last 8 sts, m1L, k3, k2tog, k3.


hopscotch kerchief (pg. 19 in softcover book)   

    1. Row number corrections in bold:

        Row 3-28: Repeat Rows 1-2 thirteen more times.

        Row 29: Repeat Row 1 once more.

        Row 30: K all sts.

        Row 31: K1, *yo, k2tog; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2.

        Row 32: K all sts.

        Repeat Rows 1-32 three more times.                                                                                                                                                         


voyage scarf (pg. 25 in softcover book)   

    1. Typos were removed from the following rows:

        Row 3: K7, yo, p6, k7, p6, k2. (31 sts)

        Row 5: K8, yo, p6, k11, p6. (32 sts)

        Row 7: K9, yo, p4, k6, p3, k6, p4. (33 sts)

        Row 9: K10, yo, p2, k6, p7, k6, p2. (34 sts)

        Row 11: K11, yo, k6, p11, k6. (35 sts)                                                                                                                                                           

    2. Clarification in bold:

        Row 13: Bind off 6 sts, knit until there are 6 sts on RN, yo, k4, p6, k3, p6, k4. (30 sts)

reflection legwarmers (pg. 13 in softcover book)   

    1. Correction to the following rnd:

        Rnd 13: Ktbl, p2, ktbl, p3, C1L, p3, C1R, p3, ktbl, p2, *ktbl, p1; rep from * to end.