hopscotch kerchief

A lacy border encloses eyelet rows intersecting on stockinette

solitude hood

Ribs and bobbles frame the face on a reverse stockinette ground

paper route mittens

Stockinette and linen stitch stripes are topped with a frilled cuff

dovecote collar

Orderly rows of bobbles and eyelets fold over at the neck

parkway armwarmers

Lacy sleeves are punctuated by a channel of purl stitches

observatory hat

A wide band of blackberry stitch is topped by a slipped-stitch rib

soap bubble hat

Ribbing topped with bobbles gives way to graceful twisted-stitch arcs

echo shrug

Chevrons and eyelets work their way along the sleeves

windowsill mitts

Textured squares line up along the back of the hand

individual patternsIndividual_Patterns.html

Each item in this collection demonstrates a collage of knitted stitches. In place of printed pictures and clippings, imagine covering the surface of a scarf or hat with a variety of dynamic knit textures. The result is a set of twelve intricately detailed accessories featuring intriguing combinations of stitch patterns.


the designs

reflection legwarmers

Snug twisted ribbing leads to a symmetrical motif at the ankle

music box shawl

Panels of stockinette and lace are worked into cascading pleats

voyage scarf

Garter stitch sawtooth edging runs alongside textured chevrons

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